Information & Guidance

Your logo is sewn into the garment at 800 stitches per minute.
Embroidery is preferred for uses which require regular high temperature washing, such as healthcare and food preparation, although it can be used on almost any garment for. a premium and lasting finish.

The only items embroidery isn't recommended for are waterproofs (as the needle compromises the waterproofing of the garment). We also cannot apply embroidery in a small area of the garment such as a collar, as the garment can’t be clamped securely into the equipment.

Logos require ‘digitising’ into a .DST file format for embroidery. Nash understand that most customers will not have this file, even if their logo has already been embroidered in the past. We therefore offer to digitise your logo for free. All you need to do is upload your logo in the best image quality and format you have and we will do the rest.

If you do have the DST file for your logo, please ensure you email to run sheet (PDF) to info@nswclothing.co.uk after you place your order, as without this we will not be able to use the file.

Logo Positions

Logo Positions