Uneek Clothing - Value Workwear

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Who Are Uneek?

They offer an entry level range with an outstanding value proposition for companies, achieved through mass production at company owned factories in the Far East. This is the range to look at if you are looking to achieve the greatest value and need to clothe as many people as you can.


Uneek can manufacture products in specific colours and designs beyond their stocked range. Minimum order is 1000 units. This isn't listed in the brochure.

Lead time - 4 to 8 weeks

Stocked Range

Lead time (blank) - 1 to 2 days

Lead time (embellished) - 1 to 2 weeks

Products are priced dependant on your customer type and specific needs. Get in touch to build your order or your bespoke range and we'll let you know exactly what you'll pay before you start ordering.


Service is at the heart of what we do. If you're looking to order regularly, check out booklet on how we serve you to pick your most suitable agreement.


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